Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meteor through the house in Duren SawitMeteor or commonly known as falling stars (not a meteor garden taiwan version) through the house in Duren Sawit - East Jakarta. This explosion of previously unknown source, after research conducted by the Police Headquarter Forensic Laboratory confirmed that the cause of the explosion that brought disorder to some of these homes comes from a space object or meteoroids.

Viewed from the damage caused by a meteor, it is estimated these fractions for the redeeming roof coconuts. And the explosion was determined to be not harmful to humans because of the explosion did not cause any additional amounts of radiation, especially in the region where the meteor landed.

Judging from the damage, the type of meteorite that likely meteorite is composed of fragile materials because if the meteorite rocks stronger than metal can be much larger explosion. To ascertain whether or not a meteorite, LAPAN has sent two investigators to the scene.

A meteoroid is a sand- to boulder-sized particle of debris in the Solar System. The visible path of a meteoroid that enters Earth's (or another body's) atmosphere is called a meteor, or colloquially a shooting star or falling star. If a meteor reaches the ground and survives impact, then it is called a meteorite. Many meteors appearing seconds or minutes apart are called a meteor shower. The root word meteor comes from the Greek meteĊros, meaning "high in the air". source:
Meteoroids that fall in the region is estimated to Indonesia because of the rare and seldom found near the surface of the earth. And it is true because the explosion of a meteor that is usually burned in the atmosphere, there are up to the surface of the earth, but it's very rare to be known by people.

does not include UFO, some records of meteors falling the last few years in the Indonesian region are as follows:
- Year 2000 in Tegal
- Year 2003 in Pontianak
- Year 2007 in Bali

If indeed the explosion that occurred in the Duren Sawit - East Jakarta is caused by a meteor the year 2010 a meteor had struck the Indonesian region again. source:

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