Friday, April 30, 2010

Download Movies Cowboys In ParadiseDownload Movies Cowboys In Paradise increasingly rampant in cyberspace, a film again in the process by the police was ranked first in google search. As we know that the film invites a lot of controversy in various circles, especially in Indonesia. Cowboys In Paradise Movie which tells about the life of the gigolo in Bali, is a documentary on the director by Amit Virman whose existence was unknown.

Cowboys In Paradise film which was previously located at and now the website can not only access and display the words "We are aghast at the recent raids in Kuta. This is not the point of the film".

In making this movie a lot who feel disadvantaged, especially the actors who appeared in a movie scene Cowboys In Paradise. As revealed by the recognition of two youths namely Bima and Danis coast to

Both these beaches children are still undergoing examination. Before the review, Bima, one curly-haired actor who blacks are admitted to not knowing if she will appear in the film.

"I was asked to play surf alone. I received some money Rp. 150000,"said Bhima who came from Jember, East Java. He also admitted surprise when you finally face appeared in the thriller movie that lasted two minutes 30 seconds.

The same can be submitted Denis, another beach boy, when shooting the film, he was playing ball. So do not know if their activities were highlighted camera for a documentary film director of Indian descent are besutan.

"I did not know he was taking pictures, I feel harmed, my family and even many who asked to go in the movie," said the man's home Bukittinggi West Sumatra.
How did this movie continuation of the case, whether the police can arrest the perpetrator who is a director of the movie. We'll see next.

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