Saturday, May 1, 2010

Meteor Duren Sawit jakarta society is alarming some yesterday just as the meteor that struck several countries in the other hemisphere. Video Meteor Duren Sawit had not recorded because it may happen suddenly and no one saw the meteor was passing before licking a few houses in Duren Sawit.

Here are some videos he had seen a meteor through the sky in several countries in the world, and perhaps the appearance of this meteor as Meteor Duren Sawit is only possible difference in size alone.

Video Meteor Duren Sawit is perhaps equally as below:

Meteor Fireball over Northern Iowa - April 2010

Police dash cam of Meteor over Edmonton, Canada

Meteor lights up sky in South Africa (21st 2009)

That's some video meteor had fallen in some other countries, which may be the same as the fall of Meteor Duren Sawit

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