Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More than one million women worldwide are diagnosed annually with breast cancer, it is known that seven out of ten can be avoided, and science currently offers its progress to achieve.

There are 5 basic treatments as a therapy to fight breast cancer, which are described below:

The tomotherapy: This treatment is in use for about two years and aims to reduce the radiation sessions and shorten the treatment time. Radiation doses are higher, less time, more precise and focused on the treatment area. The benefit of this protocol is to decrease the allocation of organs and tissues, and does not alter the operation thereof.

Radiation therapy: This treatment is used to eliminate any remaining tumor cells after surgery. The treatment is performed while the operation is shorter (only 3 weeks), and more focused on the treatment area.

Hormone therapy: Certain types of tumors are stimulated by female sex hormones that the body produces naturally. With a treatment that prevents cell hormone use is effective in some cases, it has been shown to reduce relapses. This therapy is administered orally and is a complementary treatment.

Surgery: Surgery for breast cancer has had many improvements in technique, for some time are less aggressive operations and focus exclusively on the affected area.

Chemotherapy: Through the practice of "genetic signature" is intended to verify if the tumor is initially sensitive to chemotherapy or not, and avoid its use in some cases, as this treatment is causing more side effects.

Advances in Breast Cancer Treatment

The most important advance in breast cancer treatment is individualized treatment that can treat exclusively as the type of cancer that each patient presents. The aim of the specificity of breast cancer treatment is to increase the results for the body to react and face the tumor.

Individualized treatments include drugs that prevent molecular angiogenic growth of blood vessels that nourish cancer cells in cases of metastasis. Drugs that inhibit the enzyme PARP for triple negative breast cancer and hereditary.

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