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If you think breast cancer for older women, you should think twice, because breast cancer can occur in many young women. In fact, she was diagnosed with a large number of young women with the disease at an early stage breast cancer.

One of the main causes leading to breast cancer in women is the change in lifestyle. Although environmental changes such as pesticides, food contamination, pollution, the use of antiperspirants are also said to be responsible for this problem. Another issue that has emerged recently is the increase in the chest. When a woman undergoes breast augmentation, resulting in the manipulation of the hormone that increases the chances of breast cancer among them.

In addition, young women with a history of noncancerous breast disease or breast cancer are also at risk of developing this new problem. In addition, obesity, alcohol consumption, and family history may play a role when it comes to breast cancer in young women.

The problem with breast cancer in women is that it is very difficult to detect. One reason for this is that young women do not think they are prone to breast cancer and not have severe symptoms. So even if breast cancer in young women may be treated in the initial stages due to a lack of knowledge about the symptoms of breast cancer, cancer can go undetected until it reaches a stage advanced.

Signs Of Breast Cancer In Women

Breast Cancer In Women
The symptoms of the onset of the nipple - Young women are often the first signs of breast cancer in the nipple. Often, the nipple begins to descend instead of forward as before. You may also notice that the nipple seems to be pushing inward. These women may also feel a strange discharge from your nipples. Women who notice this problem have not had a child before, although some are comparing infants.

Resizing - changes in breast size is often an early warning sign of breast cancer in young women. The change occurs gradually over time, but change is often extreme. Size can grow more or less depending on the woman. There are also changes in the profile of the chest he said. In this situation, the woman may notice a dimple, especially under the breasts. Practitioners sometimes refer to this as wrinkles.

Color and texture of the breast - Another sign that young women who have breast cancer can experience is the change in texture and color of the breast. You can see that the color of your breasts become red or pink. The color change can occur in all or only in certain areas of the skin. Healing can occur on the chest, giving the skin an orange color. In addition to changes in texture and color of the chest, another sign of breast cancer in young women are trademarks of the chest or the area above the breast.

Cracking - Cracking is a sign of breast cancer, in particular the condition that affects young women. This bleeding is sometimes the case in the nipple, but can occur in different areas of the chest. It seems that if someone touches the skin and narrow, but the skin never recovered. This usually occurs just above the chest and is usually found in the region on the ground, if you find the tumor.

Breast lump - A lump in the breast or armpit that persists after menstruation, often the first symptom of breast cancer, breast lumps are not painful, although some may cause dizziness. Lumps are usually visible on a mammogram before long be able to see or hear. However, the problem is that young women are not trained to recognize the bumps caused by breast cancer.

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