Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chemotherapy, The term is usually reserved for chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment, with the function of preventing the reproduction of cancer cells. The mechanism of action is to induce a cellular alteration preventing primarily cell division, causing cell destruction. Because of its specificity, the action of these drugs, affects not only cas cancer cells, but other normal cells and tissues of the body, especially if they are actively dividing, which physically impaired patients with cancer.

Alopecia, Alopecia is one of the largest and most visible side effects of chemotherapy. This loss of hair, produces a large change in image of the patient, being, along with the loss of encouragement, it qye more psychologically affects cancer patients, especially women.

Wigs, The use of wigs is particularly suitable for cancer patients receiving chemotherapy. The main benefit of using palucas is to minimize the patient's makeover, which carries a lower psychological effect. Patients treated with chemotherapy show reactions such as extra special sencibilidad and pain in the scalp during treatment, allowing no friction or shock nor tolerate conventional hats or wigs.

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