Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Auto Insurance Tips

1. Increasing your deductible

Deductible is the amount you pay out of pocket before making an insurance claim. The disadvantage of raising your claim is when you make a claim, you will pay more. However, if you're a safe driver, over time you'll save more money by increasing your insurance deductible. Check out your insurance claim history and make a discreet decision for yourself.

2. Old Cars - Skip All Risk (collision coverage).
If your car is not worth much, why pay for coverage of comprehensive insurance and collision? You can visit a variety of sites online to find the real value of your car. In addition, your insurance agent might be able to find the true value of your vehicle.

3. Taking advantage of low mileage

Some auto insurance companies offer discounts if you drive less than a certain number of miles or drive less than a certain distance to work.

4. Moving - Consider insurance costs.

If you are thinking of moving will be a good idea to call your insurance agent and obtain their opinions on insurance costs in the new city or state.

5. Low Profile Vehicle

Your vehicle will also determine the insurance costs in general. Some cars are favorite for thieves, looking for a good price. Some cars are more expensive to repair. It makes sense to do adequate research before buying a car.

6. Make sure your vehicle is listed by your insurance agent.

Many manufacturers offer somewhat similar model names for vehicles but insurance costs may vary. In addition, 2 or 4 doors or the wrong model can impact your auto insurance quote.

7. Ask your insurance agent to verify discounts on other insurance companies.

Many companies offer discounts if you and your spouse are insured with the same insurance company. Also, if you are looking for home insurance, life insurance, auto insurance the same insurance company, you will receive some discounts. Ask your insurance agent on saving money.

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