Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Red Wing Shoes an example of good brand. Navigating between marks videos and I came to Red Wing Shoes. An example of a company with more than 106 years of experience is a living legend in the footwear sector. Red Wing Shoes is by tradition, the official watch of American troops, but it is without doubt the leading brand of work boots.

In 1905, Charles Beckman built a small factory with 14 colleagues and established the Red Wing Shoe Company. Four years later, he built a new four-story factory to meet demand for these shoes. Over the next 50 years, the company developed a reputation for making hard boots and shoes for people who work hard on the farm, in the oil fields, and factories.

But the brand has not been there, already having a reputation for quality (shod American soldiers in World War I and II) decided to go further. When buying a pair of boots Red Wing Shoes, the brand home with you and promises to give you the best product for several months. Initially, you have a 30 days to return your shoes if you do not feel comfortable in them without any restrictions. In addition, accounts with 12 months warranty if your boots are defective in that first year, if the damage occurs within the first 6 months can give you a new pair and if the seventh month after you repair them. Finally, after completion of this warranty should be a service where a moderate amount you can repair your shoes and leave them as new, without having to buy new.

Cool huh? Who to buy a pair of shoes knows that you can return if you do not like or go bad after awhile? Success lies not in its money-back guarantee, but the confidence provided by purchasing a pair of good quality. Although my job does not require this type of shoe, because so far the fingers do not wear shoes, have a safe pair of these.

In conclusion, to me this company is complying with every important detail when they reach their client, it gives you confidence, a quality product, listen, take note, it gives you what you need and at the end, you loyalty.

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