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History of Ice Cream - During the Middle Ages in the Arab sections, prepared fruit and products sweetened with fruit juice or those cooled with ice cream (sorbet). When Catherine de Medici married Henry II of France, the chef took these early recipes of ice cream to the French court, keeping them very secret.

A granddaughter of Catherine married an English prince, bringing ice cream to England, the chef is also attributed to the use of milk. In 1660, the Sicilian Francisco Procope opened an establishment in Paris, where he achieved great fame with their ice cream. You can consider this place as the first ice cream exists. A breakthrough in this industry is the discovery of Freezing Point (lowering the temperature of solidification) of salt solutions (brine) which allowed them to use a bucket surrounded by a mixture of ice and salt or low salt and water temperatures, beating freeze drinks and sugary fruit juices, leading to the first ice cream smooth.

As we see, the ice cream was not originally a dairy product, but rather fruity, sherbet, but with the passage of time, milk and dairy products begin to be used in small proportions and then massively to the point that today ice cream days are as basic constituents, in most cases, milk and / or cream.

For that reason and by the widespread use of these products most ice cream and great presence in advertising formula manufacturers and essences, some specialized media, say an ice cream has to be an artist in the presentations of their products and also a good cook and chemist, the last thing that is not true, because the only knowledge of chemistry must have an ice cream product is used to sanitize its facilities, equipment and utensils.

Recover the Old Chambi

Americans have always been the first to industrialize anything and ice cream were not so and the first ice cream industrialized individual was "sandwiched" between 2 cookies.

The first of these Americans who came to Spain, looking at ice cream carts (at that time in the Levant had no ice cream, ice cream carts were all, a circumstance that the truth existed in most of Spain) the sandwich ate in their homeland. Put on a cookie, filled with ice cream, put the other cookie and served.

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