Thursday, May 13, 2010

Yamaha labeled automotive companies to produce a new model called the Yamaha Xeon 125. Yamaha Xeon 125 are sold at a price cheap enough that 15.5 million rupiah. It's a fair price for this size motor.

Yamaha Xeon 125 is expected to be successful in the marketplace like its predecessor Yamaha Mio which could dominate Indonesian motorcycle market. We can see and read the specs from Yamaha's latest Xeon 125 very interesting this audience.


Stylis addition, the Xeon is also in complete DiAsil Cylinder superior features. Technology that works to keep the engine condition remained stable during driving. Also more economical fuel consumption and resistance to greater friction.

Another advantage is that most trend generation piston engine in the Yamaha line scooter matic that use forged pistons. Pistons were made by forging process, making it more powerful, lightweight and durable.

While in the combustion process, Xeon equipped throttle position sensor technology. The device that serves to set the spark ignition timing. As a result, the combustion process is also running perfectly. Meanwhile, for setting the temperature to remain stable Xeon equipped with a radiator that uses a liquid coolant.

Yamaha Motor Xeon 125 is classified as a species that is very environmentally friendly. That's because the muffler is equipped with a catalyst conventer hazardous substances which changing CO-HC into CO2-H20. In addition, the use of water induction system (AIS) to reduce concentrations from combustion, as well as other Yamaha's superior technology.

Very efficient fuel, with consumption 1:37 km. Body was made smaller (slim) from the previous matic, but has a big power. It is suitable for hobby racing girl, to be named Xeon, automatic 125 cc.

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