Sunday, July 3, 2011

Today we consume about 400 billion cups of coffee daily around the world. In the field of global marketing, coffee ranks second after oil. Although this drink has its origins in ancient Ethiopia, gourmet coffee as a concept is really young. The development of coffee culture due to a specific sensation seeking, which is taken as is necessary to introduce variety and relaxation in life.

If you consume for breakfast did not add milk, however, add a little coffee in your milk. If you feel like after a meal, you can add a few drops of Kalhu, and to complement these simple recommendations, here are other ways that you can take it, that enhance their qualities.

If you long for sophisticated humor with the way Irish try - cream together cream, brown sugar and whiskey and add them to an American. And if you want a risky place in your cup a pinch of salt and herbs, you get a funny taste but quite attractive, and if you're interested in a national exotic option tries to take it with cinnamon.

Good Tips to Enjoy Coffee

Now a list of things to consider if you want to perform a ritual for a new experience with that cup of coffee you drink routinely without stopping to really enjoy it.

  1. Prepare it with water at a temperature between 85 and 96 degrees.
  2. If you grind the beans, use them immediately. It takes about 20 grams per cup serving.
  3. If you do not reheat cooled, make another cup.
  4. If you use paper coffee filters, moistens the coffee with cold water before putting the hot water.
  5. Never served in plastic cups or metal, as these alter the original flavor.
  6. Pair it with dark chocolate, as it enhances the flavor so insurmountable.

If you said keep it in the freezer was a good idea to keep your taste, forget it, especially in the case of milled grain, and moisture in the refrigerator makes the coffee becomes bitter and lose its aroma. If you can keep it fresh is ground in a dark bottle, made of materials that do not absorb odors and sealing. Know the crushed grain properties only retains 10 to 15 days, even some companies say when ground lasts only a day.

Tips to Enjoy Coffee
Do not store in hot areas near the stove or refrigerator that emanate heat, as this breaks down the particles that make up the grain, so that the aroma and taste disappear.

Finally, do not forget that everything around the time pleasantly coffee can influence, such as the use of cups - very Trendys, elegantly decorated in a minimalist style or depending on your taste, a warm and relaxed and as well as the company of a cute girl.

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