Friday, July 1, 2011

Coffee is a great stimulant and for many it becomes essential for us to start the morning with energy is something we all know and has no argument. But perhaps not as well known is the excellent properties that coffee and caffeine have on the skin. And is that these stimulatory effects will be especially helpful in removing toxins and fats and also the time to get smoother skin. Let's see how you can get more coffee to see more sweeping.

First of all, be clear that it is not increasing coffee intake, as most of its properties to the skin will find them topically applying to the skin, not by ingestion.

Properties of coffee on the skin

The main properties that coffee is going to bestow upon the skin are detoxifying and diuretic effects. Its first uses were for mesotherapy, which found that the effect of caffeine on the varices was really good and helped to better circulation in the legs and at the same time avoiding the appearance of new varicose veins. From that time began to look more closely at the properties of coffee and caffeine, resulting in several treatments with coffee as the star ingredient.

Coffee against cellulite

Most of these treatments were aimed at fighting cellulite, which also has failed to demonstrate its benefits. Coffee, or more specifically caffeine helps to easier breakage of fat cells, reactivates the circulation and increases the levels of molecules with a powerful fat burner lipolytic effect, becoming one of the best natural cellulite.

That is why many reducing gels incorporate this ingredient among its components, although it should be clear that aid to fat burning occurs as long as accompanied by exercise, something fundamental.

Apart from reducing gels can also use a trick based on coffee home to combat cellulite. For example picking the coffee grounds left in the coffee filter with your hand and apply to the area with upward circular motions. Thus activaréis circulation and also the effects of any exercise of cellulite be multiplied.

It can also be made directly with ground grain and then cover the area for a few minutes with a plastic wrap for better absorption and finally rinse with warm water.

Properties of caffeine against dark circles

The latest in cosmetic applications we are seeing the caffeine to combat dark circles, since it is an excellent activator of the blood circulation. Remember that dark circles are due to poor circulation in the eye area due to fatigue or a poor diet so the caffeine will help decongest the area temporarily, in fact the market is already concealer products with caffeine as the main element.

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