Sunday, April 24, 2011

Try to compare auto insurance in countries around the world is like trying to control the butterfly effect. Many factors determine auto insurance rates, which, once the exchange rate, political climate, the cost of living, quality of life, cultural differences, transportation infrastructure, availability of public transport in many other considerations, too, is an impossible task.

Take for example the way of life for the people of Japan, Korea and China. In these countries, most people opt for public transport such as buses, subways and trains. Luxury and those who do not mind paying a premium to drive their vehicles. They are also less litigious society, so no fear of frivolous lawsuits that are common in the United States and can offer lower insurance rates. The exchange rate of the yen, the yuan has gained and can vary greatly from day to day, difficult to define exactly what they pay, and how this translates into the United States.

Compare Auto Insurance Rates
We appeal to the countries of Europe. Auto Insurance in England is made in the United States, seems a bargain. Men pay an average of 2500 pounds per year to insure your vehicle. At the time of this writing $ 4,000 USD. Compared to the average is about $ 1500 U.S. and the difference is clear. The point is that the person sitting in English and spends £ 2,500 up to $ 1,500. Therefore, if you live in London, I think it was not normal, who paid nearly three times more for car insurance.

Italy has indicated that paying almost twice as much as Germany and France. The reason most often cited as insurance applications in Italy and elsewhere in Europe, making it more expensive to provide. It also makes it likely that the Italian driver is dangerous because it is difficult. This is just one of socio-economic climate affects different things in different countries.

How to compare auto insurance rates in the world is really an exercise in futility. Other fares in other parts of the world has no influence on the rate of getting home. For each country, the insurance rate is determined by factors specific to that country. These can include such things as the value of the money the rest of the world average income, cost of goods workers' wages and services, things minimal and many others. Confidence in each country, with Italy as the exception, as explained above, a driver feels even auto insurance payment, as it does about him. It is all relative.

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