Sunday, September 25, 2011

Many cases of type 1 diabetes develop in early childhood due to genetic reasons. One of the most common type 1 diabetes symptoms is increased thirst. This happens because high levels of blood sugar levels cause fluids to be pulled out of your body tissues, leaving you somewhat dehydrated and constantly thirsty. That occurs because your low insulin levels keep your cells from taking in blood sugar. Blood sugar is fuel for the cells. Type 1 diabetes is not as common as diabetes type 2. This type of diabetes may occur or happen at every age though it usually develop 1st in adolescence and in children. Type 1 diabetes has the percentage of 5-10 from all of diabetes cases.

Surprisingly, even though you drink and eat more, weight loss is another of the diabetes symptoms. Type 1 diabetes symptoms likewise incorporate blurred eyesight. The type 1 diabetes symptoms experienced by adults apply but kids could also show moody, unusual, or irritable behavior. Ignoring diabetes type 1 symptoms could have serious consequences. Long-term elevated glucose levels may cause cardiovascular disease, nerve damage, kidney failure, osteoporosis, pregnancy complications, foot problems, gum infections, hearing difficulties, and blindness.

Diabetes affects each patient in different ways. Just because one patient may experience one symptom does not mean that the same symptom will be prevalent in another patient. The above symptoms are just the common symptoms that are experienced by Type 1 diabetic patients. These are the symptoms that are usually seen and can be associated with Type 1 diabetes more so than any other symptom. Keep in mind that you could experience more than one of these symptoms and the symptoms could take a period of time to develop.

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