Monday, April 26, 2010

Cowboys In Paradise is a documentary film directed by Amit Virmani a man of Indian descent, talks about the gigolo in Bali. This film Triler duration of 2:33, and had been circulating in cyberspace.

Cowboys In Paradise film portrays the life and love adventurous youth activities in Bali, Kuta Beach in particular. This figure of the youth athletic body and dark skin. Much too long hair. Anyway, they look excellent beaches typical child with nautical sports such as surfing. Their foreign languages, especially English, are quite smooth.

They look very experience in attracting female tourists. In some scenes, they look very spoiled by the tourists, like massage and so forth.
Wirmani Amit, who worked on this film titled his film Cowboys in Paradise. These young people are portrayed like the cowboys who seduced women tourists. The man of Indian descent were not only displays the 'cowboy', but also presents an interview with one of the wives 'cowboy' was. The woman was admitted, her husband often take tourists Caucasian woman to her home.

Cowboys In Paradise Movie Trailer

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