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Signs and Symptoms Low Blood Pressure and Depression - To supply needed energy for the body cells required the heart pumping nutrient and oxygen rich blood around the body continuously. So that generates a pressure called as blood pressure, for example 120 (systolic) /80 (diastolic) in this case as indicator which means diastolic over systolic.

Systolic blood pressure is the maximum pressure generated when the heart contracts. Used alone, it usually means the contraction of the left ventricle.

Diastolic blood pressure is the period of time when the heart fills with blood after systole (contraction).

Hypotension reading is Some medical experts define a reading is considered as a value that is lower than 90 systolic pressure or 60 diastolic pressure.

Low Blood Pressure and Depression
Even pressure reading with just only one number (systolic or diastolic) in the low range is enough to consider it as low blood pressure. For example, if one has a systolic pressure of perfect 120, but diastolic pressure of 50 is considered to have hypotension.

Fluctuating reading As much as 30 or 40 mmHg blood pressure can fluctuate residing at its lowest point during asleep or break. When physically active at its highest will very anxious or stressed. Then to take reading many times at different days to confirm the low blood pressure must be always advisable.

Hypotension symptoms Blurred vision, Cold skin, clammy skin, pale skin, dizziness, fainting, fatigue, nausea, palpitations, rapid (shallow breathing) and depression. Some hypotension symptoms resulting from blood pressure is lower than normal so that there will be poor blood circulation, so low or no supply of nutrients and oxygen rich blood to extreme parts of the body. With low or no energy to the body cells causes many annoying symptoms.

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