Thursday, August 4, 2011

How to look younger so of course, the majority of the women dream of, with the various ways laid out to make. But actually, there are the average natural ones that you can make, like eating fruits super. Fruit and vegetables can fight the ageing of the molecules in the body. Fruit and vegetables also to prevent the cognitive decline (capacity of reflex ion). They are two good reasons to start to eat more fruit and vegetables. But certain fruits have a super advantage to keep the young skin.

Fruit Younger Looking Skin

Tomatos, Research shows tomato ten times more powerful than the vitamin C and 14 times more powerful than antioxidants contained in the red wine to be able to make the young skin. The tomato also contains red lycopene pigment which can help to slow down the problems associated with ageing. The good news, lycopene still better absorptive when the tomato is cooked.

Carrots, Carrots to obtain an orange beta-carotene color sharp nutrients super-pigment. The scientists think that if these Super nutrients to accumulate under the skin can provide a protection against radiation solar. Fruits eat regularly which contain beta-carotene like oranges, sweet potato, dark green vegetables, apricots, fishing, and carrots to meet the needs for the skin anti aging.

Fruit Younger Looking Skin
Apple, The apples are also a super fruit which can make the skin younger. An apple bowl contains 15 nutritive elements which could be astonishing. One of quercetin antioxidants, which can help to kill the virus. Not to peel the skin of apples because it yet invaluable quercetin under the skin of apples.

Banana, The bananas can be an option healthy collation, because it is rich in potassium which helps to restore electrolytic balance and to absorb the water excess in the body. With compound with mode low in salt, a banana per day could help to reduce the inflated ankles, the wrists and the stomach.

Orange juice glass has at least 170 nutrients super, coupled with many vitamins which can stimulate immunity, like the vitamin C, potassium and vitamins of the group B necessary for the solid nerves. The oranges are also given a yellow pigment called lute in, an antioxidant which protects the skin from the damage of the sun.

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