Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Free Diet Plans for Diabetics - Diabetes is a chronic disease caused by high blood sugar. A diabetic diet plan gives you a perfect idea to make changes in your daily diet. If you follow the diet correctly, you can control your high blood sugar, cholesterol and high blood pressure. Regular exercise with a good diet plan helps control blood sugar in the blood.

Free Diet Plans for Diabetics

A healthy diet plan always includes vegetables, fruit, low fat dairy products, beans, whole grains, lean meat, fish and poultry. Rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber foods are better than processed foods. A healthy diet plan benefits all family members so that all family members can participate in this healthy eating plan.

Diet Plans For Diabetics

Foods that have a high glycemic index should be avoided in your daily diet. Diabetic patients should have a higher consumption of foods low in fat or fat-free and reduce or avoid the consumption of butter, full fat cheeses and other dairy products.

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