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Cause Bedwetting - Bed wetting is a universal condition in children which occurs from infancy up to late childhood. This condition arises because of many reasons but the common understanding is that it is a natural part of normal child growth. Although this is a very accurate and valid observation, there are other causes that trigger this condition in children. The second explanation stems from the reasoning that when children take liquids at night they stand high chances of urinating because of increased urine production.

At night, kids who suffer from nocturnal enuresis a condition characterized by high urine production often produce very little vasopressin which fails to reduce the amount of urine that they produce. Thirdly, children have a small bladder capacity and poor control over the bladder muscles hence they often feel the urge to urinate whenever their bladder becomes full. For instance, when the bowel is full, the bladder’s expansion and sensitivity become diminished and, therefore, the child urinates while sleeping. In many cases, anxiety makes children lose control of their bladder and as a result they wet their beds.

Children Wetting The Bed

How to Stop Bedwetting

Techniques to stop bed-wetting have made huge advances over the years and are most effective when administered by understanding, compassionate, patient parents or guardians. Some treatments to stop bed wetting include behavioral therapies, such as motivational programs (rewards for staying dry) and guided imagery (thinking dry bed thoughts).

Conditioning therapies like bed wetting alarms and anti-diuretic medication have also proven effective. Exercises help increase bladder capacity through strengthening the resting tone of the bladder muscles. Different types of alarms are often effective in retraining the brain of the person troubled with bed-wetting. Bed-wetting medications are also effective, especially when used in combination with an alarm.

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