Saturday, March 19, 2011

Today Supermoon 2011 - Look at the sky tonight. An interesting astronomical phenomena, lunar perigee or "Supermoon" can be seen, as long as there is no cloud that hangs.

Tonight, Saturday, March 19, 2011, the Moon will be in the closest distance to Earth within a period of 18 years. Moon will only be away 221,567 miles or 356,578 kilometers. Since then this phenomenon can already be witnessed supermoon throughout Indonesia.

Supermoon 2011 will take place on Sunday morning, 2:10 o'clock Western Indonesia Time. Moon will appear larger and brighter than usual. About 7 percent larger. With the eye without a telescope, it is difficult to see the comparison. But with a telescope will look for comparison, larger.

Today Supermoon 2011 is unusual astronomical phenomena, the Moon is in the distance is closer to Earth. Public do not need to fret, do not connecting this with a disaster. In particular Japan earthquake and tsunamis 9.0 SR.

Today Supermoon 2011

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