Thursday, March 17, 2011

Free Download Internet Explorer 9 is a new software released by Microsoft. Latest software for exploring website is claimed to be safer, faster, better web standards support, and most interesting to Windows-based computers.

With Internet Explorer 9, web sites can make adjustments for special menus can be displayed in Windows 7 such as a separate application with the icons on the screen utilizing pinned Sites feature. More than 250 leading websites around the world take advantage of these special features to bring a different experience for the visitors.

The latest version of Internet Explorer 2011 harnesses the power of modern Windows PC hardware to improve the performance of Web browsing. This browser has a full acceleration HTML5, Internet Explorer 9 combines the power of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), using 90 percent of the power of PCs that were previously used by web browsers. Internet Explorer 9 hold 99 percent of malware attacks made ​​by people, five times more than Firefox and 33 times more than Chrome.

Internet Explorer 9 also designed to become browser that has a number of security technology, privacy, and can be trusted to make consumers safer online access. Microsoft has introduced Tracking Protection in Internet Explorer 9, which helps users to manage the data they send when accessing the web. In addition there are features PrivacyChoice, TRUSTe, Abine and Adblock Plus. Internet Explorer 9 also provide the first integrated download manager with SmartScreen malware protection.

Internet Explorer 9 Free Download can be downloaded in 40 languages​​. Download here

Internet Explorer 9 Free Download

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I like t use Mozilla Firefox, but sometimes I use IE.

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