Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Benefits of Young Coconut Water. Young coconut water other than fresh taste, are also still many benefits, especially for health. Young coconut water can even be mixed with milk to drink.

When examined further, coconut water were also contains various vitamins. Savor and nutritional value exceptional best coconut water.

No wonder the coconut water is also used as ingredients of traditional medicine as well as beauty. Ever enjoyed coconut water? Not only refreshes the throat, water from coconuts also have other benefits. Here it is in them:

1. As neutralizing poisons.
2. Functioning as a diuretic or accelerate urinary.
3. When mixed with lemon water and be drunk will reduce dehydration.
4. Eliminate the hot flashes due to burning. Mix with turmeric powder and water whiting, then apply to skin that burns or exposure to hot oil, then hot flashes will be lost and do not leave marks blister.
5. Cure dengue fever. Combine coconut water with lime juice, a pinch of salt and honey, and drink three times a day.
6. When mixed with milk and drinking, would prevent the clotting of milk in stomach, as well as prevent constipation, nausea, and gastrointestinal upset.

Coconut Addict

Even ordinary drinking, coconut water is good for body refresh because it contains minerals that are needed as a replacement body ion. Another plus, the price is very cheap and can be obtained at any time.

It's Benefits of Young Coconut Water for Health hopefully useful.

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