Monday, February 7, 2011

Justin Bieber Super Bowl Commercial – It's actually one of the funniest Justin Bieber commercials I’ve watched. The Justin Bieber Super Bowl commercial is about how fast technology changes nowadays. In this commercial, Ozzy was supposed to promote a 4G phone and later he was asked to say a phrase about 5G phone.

Best Buy had also featured musicians in its commercial. In a hilarious act, Justin Bieber, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne appear together trying to sell a smart phone. The commercial ends with Ozzy saying, "What's a Bieber?" A wrinkled up Bieber with receding hairline says, "I don't know; kinda looks like a girl." The reference is of course to Ozzy's interview in which he doesn't know who Justin Bieber is.

It just wouldn't be Super Bowl withouth Budweiser and its commercials. The Bud Light commercial featured a period piece film being shot. It spoofed Bud Light product placement, with Bud Light being placed on tables in the middle of some sword fighting.

Now both Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne got more confused and were asking what is 6G?. Well, it’s really funny, you should watch the video below. Justin Bieber Super Bowl Commercial.

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