Monday, July 5, 2010

Download Font Piala Dunia 2010 berikut saya mau berbagi buat teman teman yang nyari font fifa world cup 2010, mungkin dah capek nyari sana sini tapi belum ketemu. Dibawah ini saya sediakan link downloadnya, yang saya dapat dari forum juga. Maap kalau repost, :D.

Berikut tentang logo piala dunia 2010 dan makna dari font piala dunia 2010 yang saya dapatkan melalui, silahkan baca dulu sebelum download :D

Download Font Piala Dunia 2010
The role of the Official Emblem for each FIFA Competition is to convey the spirit and dynamism of football together with the characteristics of the host country. Before the event itself even kicks off, the Official Emblem is the bridge between the organisers and the public and should be instantly recognisable, appearing on all publications, at associated events and on merchandising.

2010 FIFA World Cup™ - Official Emblem

A symbol of hope
On July 7, 2006, the Official Emblem of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa was unveiled at a vibrant ceremony in the Tempodrom in Berlin. Molefi Oliphant, President of the South African Football Association, summed up the occasion perfectly when he said: "We (South Africa) are receiving the baton from Germany, like in a race, and now we are running our lap."

The emblem depicts the energy and vigour of the African continent. The inspiration for the footballing figure over the shape of Africa is drawn from Khoi-San rock paintings, and is also representative of the continent's rich and long history. Unveiling the emblem President Thabo Mbeki declared: "We are showcasing a new forward-looking and dynamic South Africa."

The 2010 identity is unique, vibrant and dynamic, graphically encapsulating the African continent while more intimately dipping into South Africa's rich and colourful heritage for inspiration.

The graphic figure strikes a resemblance to the earliest rock art paintings for which our country is also famous. This figure is caught in mid-action performing a bicycle kick - a style of play that captures the flair of African football.

The figure is lucid, energetic and indirectly illustrates an inherent passion for the beautiful game. It is kicking a football upwards - an invitation from Africa to other nations of the world to join the game.

The actual ball is a modern representation of a football, suggesting that it belongs to FIFA. And for the first time ever, this ball that has traveled across the globe will touch African soil.

The colourful backdrop behind the figure represents the South African national flag. The ‘swishes' extend upwards, from south to north, reaching out to the world. They embody the energy, diversity and fiery passion of our country, and they symbolise the rise of the rainbow nation.

The typeface is an original creation. It reflects our personality and reinforces the idea that in South Africa we do things uniquely. It is playful, naïve and free-spirited. It is also bold, welcoming and friendly.

The logo is celebratory in nature and energetic in its feel.

Download Font Piala Dunia 2010

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